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The ASHP is result of a great collaboration between people from different sectors of the industry, academic world, community leaders and those politicians who have found the housing challenge quite realistic.

The ASHP aims to overcome housing barriers with innovative approach to make sustainable housing affordable and available to vulnerable and lower income South Australians who generally  have little hope of purchasing their own home.

Furthermore, ASHP encourages innovation, new building technologies, that support the drive for a smaller ecological footprint, but that could also help, significantly reduce cost of living. Energy costs are a significant impost on new homeowners and reducing those is a major feature of ASHP.

As people have already noticed, today social and environmental sustainability are being chiefly separated from affordability. The feasibility study in ASHP drifted over major question ‘how to combine sustainability and affordability in our housing design?’

Accordingly, the research team of Rubies House have conducted in-depth interviews with a number of community leaders from Local Indigenous, Northern and Central Africa, Middle-East and Asia communities to accelerate social sustainability and assimilation of residents to the Australian urban context.

The inquiry was a type of qualitative research that addressed by in-depth interviews which generated several points in archiving both environmentally and socially sustainable and affordable housing through;


Avoid unnecessary building costs through innovative and sustainable designs


Create social integration and consideration of both social and environmental sustainability in designs


Maximize absorption of renewable energy sources and recycling grey water in a larger scale such as integrated waste water management system


Implement best building orientation and optimal subdivision in our housing


Implement practical methods for reducing labor costs through apprenticeship programs


Attracting government incentives in reducing administrative fees by implementing practical methods for any Affordable and Sustainable Housing Programs


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